30 something women dating younger men

Today, we give men an extra decade to “launch” themselves professionally.

But evidence and anecdote seem to suggest that for women in their 30s, there’s a new template emerging.She acknowledged ”there was no good reason to end things”, yet, at the time, she was convinced something was missing in the relationship. The other point being made in the article is that many women who spend their 20’s becoming powerful and independent (education, salary, etc.) often end up unhappy in their 30s.This is because when they finally achieve independence and look for men who have done the same, the realize they’re not looking for powerful, independent women in their 30s; they’re looking for attractive women in their 20s that will make .As many of the women in my informal study reported, many men on the cusp of 40 become preoccupied with their own aging.Dating a younger woman is charged with meaning for them; it’s one obvious way of continuing to feel youthful.

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