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The New Testament church began after Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension.

At Pentecost Christ sent the Holy Spirit to indwell believers and the church began.

When things get rough, most people know that they have the option to leave the situation they find difficult or unworkable.

So, growing up in the outside culture would make it a lot easier for you to say, “Good-bye” and walk away.

Those questions and their answers are included in the above sections where appropriate.

Various questions not fitting into those categories are included below.

Third, it is extremely difficult for anyone who has not been raised without electricity, automobiles, and other modern conveniences to adjust to the austere lifestyle of the Amish.

And to truly be a part of the Amish community one would need to learn the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect.” “Is the Amish calendar the same as ours?

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Perhaps the hardest thing of all is to learn how to accept the Amish ways without question when you haven’t been taught to do that as a young child.

Weddings are held in November, or at the very latest in early December.

That’s after the busy fall harvesting season is over.

Most of the answers to these questions were provided by the resident experts at the Mennonite Information Center in Lancaster, PA. ” “A local Amishman recently remarked, “You do not need to move here to adopt a lifestyle of simplicity and discipleship.

You can begin wherever you are.” Yes, it is possible for outsiders, through conversion and convincement, to join the Amish community, but we must quickly add that it seldom happens.

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