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Use a function that inputs one data byte and a check value and outputs a recalculated check value.

In fact checksum calculations as described above can be defined in this way.

It is certainly easier to calculate a checksum, but checksums do not find all errors.

Lets take an example string and calculate a one byte checksum.

For serial data they came up with the solution to attach a parity bit to each sent byte.If you aren't going to include the source make sure your "snippets" have enough context to stand on their own.For example, "times" and "ndash" are undefined with no explanation for what those values represent.I'm convinced it is a 16-bit CRC algorithm but dont know wich, there is so many different algorithms.I added som test-code like this: This message is an initial message that the decoder sends to the RCM software and that "opens" the RCM software for recieving data from the decoder.

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