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KP: I think that is a delicate balance, because you don’t want to do the thing where you ‘take over’. You also don’t want to leave it vague and undecided.

A great thing to do is offer some ideas and then ask for some of her ideas. Don’t do this 20-minute date thing; it is a bad idea. I think walks are always an awesome thing to do if you really like the person. When you’re walking it is easier to talk then when you are right in front of somebody—face to face. On your first date, don’t just notice what you are thinking about the other person; notice what you are feeling.

In other words, I’m looking for the real thing, but I am going to have fun while I wait. If it someone you know is only going to be a sexual fling—fine.

But if it is someone you feel you might be interested in, stop playing both sides of the fence ASAP.

Us men are all about the hunt; meeting women and getting the biggest bang for our efforts. The thing is; if the seduction is done naturally or organically, that is a great thing.

You challenge these in your book by saying that looks, games, and playing hard to get are actually anti-productive. Ken Page: If you look at a lot of the top best selling books and a lot of the dating advice for men—it is all about seduction.

It’s when you’re attracted to someone because of who they are in the world and because of how they treat you.

You should make a commitment to yourself not to get too high or drunk. Talk to the person you are going on that date with and shoot some ideas back and forth.

If your goal is to find a real serious relationship; drop that stuff.

If you are one of those guys who is kind of in a mixed zone.

Our friends are the mirror that catches your blind-spot.

If you want to speed up your search for love ten-fold, do nothing else but listen to a friend or two.

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