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The six events were thus: The player is challenged to jump off four diving boards of increasing height into containers of water of decreasing size, beginning with a huge wooden container, and ending in a glass of water.

(The third target, however, is a cement block, a possible homage to the Looney Tunes cartoon Big Top Bunny, amongst other things.) Money is earned by completing all four levels, as well as performing a set series of stunts.

Freddy attempts to hinder the player by blowing the diver off course with an enormous hair dryer; he appears if the diver fails to complete the stunt in time.

The player must make their way through four juggling sessions of increasing difficulty.

Along the way there are rings of fire and moving targets which have to be mastered.

Acts in the game include the high wire, juggling, platform dive and human cannonball. For instance, in the diving, the player must land in progressively smaller receptacles, the final part requiring successful navigation into a tea cup!

Missing five times without dying from a bomb or missile leads an off-stage performer to use a cane to grab the juggler and yank him off screen.

The aim of this section is to proceed from right to left over three levels, jumping from rope to rope.

The Commodore 64 version was included on the bundled cartridge of the ill-fated Commodore 64 Games System. He plans to build a set of luxury hotels on the terrain.

In a fit of desperation, the ringmaster organises a display of six events to raise money for the doomed circus: diving, juggling, trapeze, knife throwing, tightrope and the human cannonball.

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