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After one or two treatments your body may respond in a very definite way.

Most people note a sense of well-being and relaxation; sometimes people report feeling lethargic, nauseous or tearful, but this is transitory and is a part of the healing process.

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All this will be discussed on a confidential basis with your chosen practitioner.

Following treatment, any significant findings will be discussed with you.

As the effects of reflexology are cumulative, many people find it beneficial to continue with regular treatments.

For over seven years, the Irish Redhead Convention has been at the heart of the global redhead scene, the Crosshaven community and Irish summer festival calendar. We launched the Irish Redhead Convention with the aim to bring a community of redheads together for an unforgettable experience; to create exciting programme of redhead themed events; promote Crosshaven and Cork and stimulate economic activity, vitality and community pride in our region, while also raising awareness for the work of the Irish Cancer Society and the Sun Smart campaign.

To say we achieved this together is an understatement.

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