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Though at first she didn't trust either of them, she gradually came to like and respect both fugitives from justice.

She herself has a shadowed past with a gang of slavers called The Crucible.

A Recruit in the Republic Army who was onboard the Endar Spire when it was struck by Sith forces.

After their bunkmate, Trask Ulgo, sacrificed himself to hold off a Dark Jedi, the Recruit met up with Carth Onasi and escaped to the planet below.

Working with several locals to rescue the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan and escape, the Recruit eventually finds themselves being trained by the Jedi for a special mission.

Statement: HK-47 is a psychotic assassin droid that the protagonist purchases on Tatooine to serve as a translator.

I know this because I am the son of Krynda and Barrison Draay and at last, I can see my future."Lucien is the son of the great Jedi masters Barrison and Krynda Draay, and is determined to live up to their legacy and prevent the return of the Sith at any cost.

Guided by apocalyptic visions of the future, Lucien has killed or otherwise wronged hundreds in his quest to vanquish the darkness One of the masters of Taris.

Some time before the comic began, he overheard the Conclave's plan to kill their Padawans, and was destroyed to cover it up. Not to the woman at the morgue- I guess she was thinking of the paperwork shitstorm that lands her in, but still it’s like come on lady! Aforementioned drowned un-drowned boy is also nonplussed. His mum however reaps the rewards by using the reanimation of her son to her full advantage- leverage to get a date! Somebody calls the miracle “the greatest Easter story”, which I definitely have to disagree with. Last time I checked there were no pissy morgue workers when the stone was rolled away. The carpenter somehow manages to bring the boy back to life, Not everyone’s too pleased with this life-giving miracle which kind of took me by surprise on account of it being fantastical and wondrous. Although she cared about her Padawan, Shad Jelavan, she doesn't speak against the murder because she thinks averting the prophecy is more important.The most reluctant member of the conspiracy against Zayne.

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