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It's impossible to tell which one he’s going to use until he’s already in the process, so just treat each fire attack like it’s the worst case scenarior Conversely, while you should take care to avoid its flame attacks, they also provide an opportunity to get at Rathalos. That said, it always stands perfectly still while performing a fire attack.A good way to get in some valuable headshots is, when you see flame forming at its mouth, head to the side of its neck behind its head.

However, collecting materials also necessitates a lot of grind, repeating quests to slay the same monsters again and again as you harvest bulk materials and seek out elusive rares.

Head out and collect a few basic ores and you can visit the blacksmith to furnish yourself with a basic sword or breastplate, but to make anything more interesting you'll need to get out there and kill some stuff, carving skin and bones from the still-warm corpses to craft with.

Now you're tougher, so you can go and kill some bigger stuff, meaning you can make better kit. It makes for fantastically well-balanced and compulsive progression, each round of improvements bringing new challenges and advantages as you build your stockpile.

He may not be as large, or as visually imposing as some of the other enemies in Monster Hunter Tri, but he is fast.

And by fast, we don't mean have a second or two to get out of the way.

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