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We walk down to the water, clambering over a rocky beach.

Jaan wants to show me what they call here the Baby Stone.

As a result, 23 topics went from featured to good, bringing the total number of featured topics to below the 100-mark (currently there are 94 FTs and 141 GTs).

Beyond that, a shift in running the process was made, as I have mostly taken over from User: Rst20xx, who became inactive about halfway through 2010.

It's one of the largest topics we have, and even for someone who could care less about cricket, I found it to be a great read, and enjoyed watching the progress the topic made.

As featured topics are not an oft-traveled area of wikipedia, I wanted to note about the value of the process.

He was even prevailed upon to take the job of Foreign Minister, an office he vacated after a year, causing extreme bureaucratic consternation by not bothering to claim his last month's salary.

He was successful and respected but one thing was missing.

"In the past year, the featured topics process has evolved significantly.

The raw numbers are as follows for 2010: 21 featured topics were promoted, 65 good topics were promoted (including 18 in October, a record), 16 topics were demoted, and there were 16 supplementary additions.

It's a huge, black, seaweed-stained rock which, according to local tradition, is where babies come from, Viinistu's equivalent of the stork.

During the years of Soviet occupation the coastline was off-limits to bathers and fishermen alike, a sealed-off military area with wire fences and searchlights.

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