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I think the most likely failure point is getting a working UEFI is fairly different from what the Fedora 27 grub2-mkconfig generates in things like what grub2 modules get loaded.

Perhaps this is a good time to figure out and write down what sort of changes I want to make to the stock grub2-mkconfig result, or perhaps I should just abandon having a custom version in general.

But having sponsors also meant I had schedules, deals, commitments, ... Some sponsors want to time their new software launch with a big campaign (of which cron.weekly would be one aspect), so I can't just shift them around on a weekly basis. It's no longer a spontaneous non-committal newsletter, it's now a business. If I couldn't get it done on Friday evening, I would spend the rest of the weekend worrying that I couldn't get it done in time. I don't want to say I completely quit, because I might pick it back up again.

Sponsors -- rightfully so -- want to know when they get featured. I all honesty, I'm burned-out from writing cron.weekly. It would keep haunting me in the back of my head " of commitment, something I can't give at the moment. But for now, I need a mental break from the weekly deadlines and to be able to enjoy my weekends, once again. If returns, it will give me the ability to rethink the newsletter, the timings & my commitments.

This helpfully gives me a live Linux that I can poke around on and save things from, although it also means that I have pre-existing UEFI boot entries that are going to become invalid the moment I remove the scratch disk.

Open source licenses are different from each other, in both philosophies and communities.However, I want to switch my Fedora install from its current MBR based booting to UEFI booting (probably with Secure Boot turned on), because it seems pretty clear that UEFI booting is the way of the future (my toe-stubbing not withstanding).My current set of SSD root disks are partitioned with GPT and have an EFI system partition, although the partition is unused and unmounted; while I have a , get populated with the necessary contents (whatever they are), and then set up an UEFI boot entry or two. Currently I have the machine set up with a Fedora 27 install on a scratch disk, so I can run burnin tests and similar things.And, it's a lot of writing & thinking, it's not a 10 minute write-up every week.Having sponsors meant I had money coming in, justifying my time.

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