Oldest web pages still online dating

Yellow pages were used to distinguish commercial listings from non-commercial white-page listings.

Yellow Pages became narrower and shorter; a new version in 2010 contained all the same listings but came in a compact version that fitted through the letter box.

If this is correct, this would earn him the title of the oldest person ever, a title currently held by French centenarian Jeanne Calment, who was 122 when she died – 23 years younger than Mr Gotho.

If the documents cannot be independently verified, however, Mr Gotho will not go down in the record books.

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The first of 104 final editions will be distributed in Kingston in January 2018, with the last ever to be delivered in Brighton – where it all began in 1966 – a year later While Yellow Pages is still profitable, the firm acknowledged that it probably would not be in a few years, as almost every business now has an online presence.

“These documents remained classified for nearly a century until recent advancements in technology made it possible to release them,” former CIA Director Leon Panetta said during the document’s release 2011.

“When historical information is no longer sensitive, we take seriously our responsibility to share it with the American people.” One document outlines the chemicals and techniques necessary for developing certain types of secret writing ink and a method for opening sealed letters without detection.

The final print cycle of the Yellow Pages marks Yell's transition to a purely digital service.

Chief executive Richard Hanscott said: 'After 51 years in production Yellow Pages is a household name and we're proud to say that we still have customers who've been with us from the very first Yellow Pages edition in 1966.

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