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The series marked the return of filming in New York and also return to the original team colors, Black and Red.Season 11 will have new co-host as Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell will take over the show.Afterwards the Ying Yang Twins perform their hit song "Wait (The Whisper Song)" from their CD USA (United States of Atlanta).

However starting in Season 9, Nick returned to leading his original Red Squad team color while the Black Squad team color returned also.

In 2016, the show returned to airing new episodes on MTV and also for the first time since Season 4, production is in Los Angeles.

The "Wild 'n Out Theme Song" for Seasons 1–4 was produced by Fatman Scoop.

The Teams are the "Red Squad", which was the team name until season 5 where they became the "Platinum Squad" and were permanently captained by Cannon; and the "Black Squad", led by a celebrity guest until season 7 where the situation was reversed with Cannon becoming the Black Squad team captain and the celebrity guest leading the Platinum Squad.

For season 8, the colors were revamped once again with the Gold Squad replacing the Black Squad.

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