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Make gets its knowledge of how to build your program from a file called the makefile, which lists each of the non-source files and how to compute it from other files.When you write a program, you should write a makefile for it, so that it is possible to use Make to build and install the program.(Don't ask why they're out of order.) According to the Service Manual, Pot A sets the PLL for the low end of the receiver range, Pot B set the high end of the receiver range, and Pot C sets the TX PLL.The goal is to monitor testpoint CV with a voltmeter and adjust for minimum voltage during RX and TX.Just what you would expect from the leaders in the field of Internet Optimization!I'm a ham radio operator and have been since 1987, when I got my Novice ticket in rural South Dakota (SD) at 14 years old. I found a lot of 7 on e Bay, for a reasonable price, so now I'm in action.

Rose City Software distributed the very first full featured Internet Optimizer back in the late 90's with Windows 95, long before many of our would-be competitors had purchased their first PC!There are tweekers for both TX and RX to achieve this.GNU Make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files.Supports ALL current Windows™ versions including Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and AOL software too! Tweak MASTER promotes faster Internet download speeds by carefully and intelligently tweaking various 'hidden' Windows settings.It provides powerful Internet Boost for ALL types of Internet connections including dial-up, cable modem, DSL, or satellite, and especially for Wireless as well!

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